Friday, January 20, 2017

Tushar Kohli, A Sophomore at The Oakridge School, will be presenting his paper “Mary Shelley and Frankenstein: A Connection Deeper than Author and Work” AND will be showing his artwork “The ‘Perfect’ Baby”

Tushar Kohli, Class of 2019
Tushar "2Shar" Kohli is a sophomore at The Oakridge School, which he has attended since kindergarten. He is honored and very excited to present his paper "Mary Shelley and Frankenstein: A Connection Deeper than Author and Work," and artwork "The 'Perfect' Baby." His paper looks at Frankenstein through the lens of Mary Shelley's biography, at how the major events of the author shape those of the work. His artwork explores the ethical implications of gene editing, in particular perhaps the most perplexing: the potential creation of the "perfect baby."

Once, when Tushar was a baby, he had curly hair, before it was all shaved off. His family loves him, and that love is reciprocated by him. Also, he has been to many places around the world, but he can only speak English fluently and Spanish semi-fluently (but he should really speak Hindi because he is Indian). Tushar likes to both watch and play sports; the main sport he plays is golf. Also, he likes food. Tushar also loves learning and thinking and values greatly hard work, which enabled him to achieve the highest GPA his freshman year. Tushar expresses his sincere thanks to his sophomore English Lit. teacher Mr. Colley who coordinated this conference and helped him with his paper.

Tushar will be reading his paper “Mary Shelley and Frankenstein…” during the 2nd block in Session C, titled “The Question of Family.”  His paper presentation will take place on the lower floor of the Library at 10:30am. He will be showing his work “The ‘Perfect’ Baby” in the visual arts gallery on the first floor of the Fine Arts building.

The "Perfect" Baby

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