Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Sophomores Zaki Farooqui and Will Gehring from The Oakridge School will be debuting their short film “Frankenstein: Rebirth” at the 2017 Frankenstein Colloquium

Zaki Farooqui, Class of 2019
A dashingly handsome, young lad, Zaki Farooqui is a sophomore at The Oakridge School, which he has attended since the 5th grade. He likes taking long walks on the beach, and gazing at the stars in the dead of night. Rumor has it that he is also an Olympic badminton player. His elective is honors integrated media which is the main reason he is able to make films. He is excited to be presenting his film "Frankenstein: Rebirth" at the colloquium along with his film partner Will Gehring. He is also excited to see what Hockaday's film team will be bringing to the table.

Will Gehring, Class of 2019
Will Gehring is a sophomore at The Oakridge School. He has been going there since he was in Kindergarten, and always enjoyed it. He is very excited for the opportunity to show his film, “Frankenstein: Rebirth,” which he made with Zaki Farooqui. The film explores an alternate ending to the book, in which Victor Frankenstein lives, but his monster does not. The main theme is that Dr. Frankenstein feels he has nothing left to lose. Will would like to thank everyone that helped make the film possible, as well as Mr. Colley and Ms. Triebwasser.

They will be showing their film both during the 1st Block and during the 2nd Block in Session J, which will take place in the Integrated Media Lab located on the 2nd floor next to the Library.

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