Friday, January 20, 2017

Sophia Hurst, a Freshman at Greenhill School, will be presenting her paper “Heroism: the Lack thereof in Frankenstein” at the 2017 Frankenstein Colloquium

Sophia Hurst, Class of 2020
Sophia Hurst is a freshman at Greenhill School, where she has attended since fifth grade. She is a high-honor roll student and is a member of the debate, field hockey, and soccer teams. In her free time, she volunteers at Genesis Women's Shelter and the Da Vinci School. She and a friend also created a jewelry business to benefit Big Dreams Children's Foundation. Sophia is an advisory representative on student council and serves on student council’s academic committee. She discovered a fascination with the Mary Shelley's Frankenstein when reading it in her English class and is very excited to present her paper "Heroism: the lack thereof in Frankenstein" during the colloquium. Her paper answers the question "is there a hero in the book Frankenstein?" and explores the theme of prejudice throughout the novel.

Sophia Hurst will be presenting her paper during the 3rd block in Session G, in a workshop titled “Exploring Heroic Archetypes.”  The session will take place in the Boardroom on the 2nd floor of the upper school across from the Library in the Headmaster’s office suite.

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