Monday, January 16, 2017

Samantha Pozo, a Junior at Ursuline Academy of Dallas, will be presenting her paper "Thwarted Love: The Dangers of Unrestricted Feeling in Frankenstein" at the 2017 Frankenstein Colloquium

Samantha Pozo, Class of 2018
Samantha Pozo is a junior at Ursuline Academy of Dallas. At her school, she is involved in various clubs including the National Science Honors Society, the National English Honors Society, and she serves as vice president of the National French Honors Society. Samantha is also an Ursuline ambassador and represents the school at certain events. During her free time, she volunteers with the STAIRS Program as a tutor for middle school students. She also volunteers with the National Hispanic Institute which is a leading organization that fosters future Latino leaders. Samantha truly enjoy English class! Her favorite part of the class is having text analysis and close reading discussions because she really likes how attention to small detail opens up large doors to richer and more complex thematic ideas and implications. In her essay “Thwarted Love: The Dangers of Unrestricted Feeling in Frankenstein,” Samantha explores a different understanding of feelings from the traditionally glorified emotions to an understanding of the dangers they bring. She is very excited to be participating in the colloquium.

Samantha will be presenting her paper during the 2nd Block in Session B, "Passion & the Loss of Innocence," which will take place on the upper floor of the Library at 10:30am.

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