Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Nicole Stachowiak, a Freshman at Greenhill School, will be presenting her paper “Human or Monster: Frankenstein, and the Making of a Cautionary Tale” at the 2017 Frankenstein Colloquium

Nicole Stachowiak, Class of 2020
Nicole Stachowiak ’15 was born in Plano, Texas and is eldest of three sisters. She has attended Greenhill School since 1st grade and this year is a freshman at Greenhill Upper School. Nicole is a High Honor Roll student at Greenhill, member of Duke Tip program, and a recipient of numerous awards including Tip State and National Recognition Awards. Nicole’s interests include LD debate, JCL (Junior Classical League – Mythology and Roman Literature), dance, music (piano, violin), creative writing, and video production. Nicole is a member of Greenhill debate team for last 4 years; she has attended last 3 national debate competitions ranking each year in top 10 Lincoln-Douglas debaters nationally. She is also a member of Greenhill dance company and participates in dance competitions. Nicole has competed at state and National events for JCL, winning 3rd place in impromptu essay writing competition and numerous region and state awards. She is an author of Winner and Outstanding articles in TMTA Publication contest with 8 essays published through TMTA competition. Nicole also holds gold medals in TMTA state music theory and history exams in grades 1-8. Nicole is also a Harry Potter and Si-Fi fun who writes fun fiction.

Nicole will be reading her paper “Human or Monster” during the first block in Session G, in a workshop called “Communities and Hedgehogs.”  The session will take place in the Boardroom on the 2nd floor across from the Library in the Headmaster’s office suite. 

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