Monday, January 16, 2017

Maria Katsulos, Senior at The Hockaday School, will be presenting her paper "Return to Equilibrium: The Balance of Life and Death in Shelley's Frankenstein" at the 2017 Frankenstein Colloquium

Maria Katsulos, Class of 2017
Maria Katsulos is a senior at the Hockaday School, which she has attended since the first grade. She is co-president of her school’s GSA, as well as of the Young Democrats club, and is the Business Manager of the school paper, The Fourcast. When not in class, she can be found at a Stars hockey game, on the third floor of the library, or assembling care packages for troops overseas. Mary Shelley is one of Maria’s role models, and she is very excited to be participating in a colloquium honoring this author. Her paper, “Returning to Equilibrium,” examines the balance of life and death in Frankenstein, arguing that Victor Frankenstein irrevocably upsets that balance with his creation of his monster. Maria is not yet sure where she will be pursuing a journalism degree with a prelaw focus next year, but will miss Hockaday and the DFW area no matter where she ends up.

Maria will be presenting her paper twice: first, in Session I during the 1st Block in a workshop called "The Natural & Unnatural in Frankenstein," and second, in Session E during the 3rd Block for a discussion titled "Science, Ethics, & the Question of Nature." Block One's Session I will take place in the Lower School Music Room, and Block Three's Session E can be located in the Fine Arts Performance Hall.  

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