Monday, January 23, 2017

Kate Mitchell, a Sophomore at The Oakridge School, will be presenting her paper “Man Is the Real Monster” at the 2017 Frankenstein Colloquium

Kate Mitchell, Class of 2019
Kate Mitchell is a sophomore at The Oakridge School. Her passions include swimming, singing, drawing and playing the violin and cello! She is enrolled in all honors classes and loves to push herself to be the best person she can be. Kate is also part of the Oakridge drumline, swim team, and choir. She works hard every year to make it into TMEA and TPSMEA region and all state orchestras and choirs. She also has a poodle and two birds at home, and they are her favorite things in the entire world.

Kate will be reading her paper “Man Is the Real Monster” during the 1st block in Session H, titled “Frankenstein and Feminism,” and during the 2nd block in Session G, “Feminist Readings of Frankenstein.”  Session H will take place on the Skybridge on the 2nd floor, and Session G will be located in the Boardroom on the 2nd floor in the Headmaster’s office suite.

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