Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Emily Nielson, a Sophomore at Parish Episcopal School, will be reading her paper “Seeds of Feminism Scattered in Mary Shelley's Frankenstein” at the 2017 Frankenstein Colloquium

Emily Nielson, Class of 2019
Emily Nielson is a sophomore at Parish Episcopal School. She's a swimmer, a member of the Honor Council and the Literary Magazine Team. She is a politically active feminist with a passion for spoken word poetry. Emily enjoyed reading Frankenstein and can't wait to celebrate its two hundred years as a revolutionary text. Her paper, Seeds of Feminism Scattered in Mary Shelley's Frankenstein, sheds light on the many feminist aspects in Shelley's novel.

Emily will be presenting her paper “Seeds of Feminism…” during the 1st block in Session H, titled “Frankenstein and Feminism.” Her presentation will take place on the Skybridge starting at 9:10am.

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