Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Caroline Sasso, a Freshman at Greenhill School, will be presenting her paper "The Feminist Reading: The Challenges of Childbirth and Motherhood" at the 2017 Frankenstein Colloquium

Caroline Sasso, Class of 2020
Caroline Sasso is a freshman at Greenhill School. Her passions lie in reading and writing. She has experience in the world of avant-garde poetry and published her first collection of poems this summer in New York City. Her writing is inspired by great writers and poets such as Arthur Rimbaud, Lucille Clifton, and William Shakespeare. She plays field hockey and is in Greenhill's musical Cabaret. She has lived in Dubai and England and she is a staunch believer that everyone's voice and opinion is important and that everyone deserves to be listened to.

Caroline will be reading her paper “The Challenges of Childbirth and Motherhood…” during the 2nd block in Session G, called “Feminist Readings in Frankenstein.”  Her presentation will take place in the Boardroom on the 2nd floor across from the Library in the Headmaster’s office suite.

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