Monday, November 14, 2016

The Due Date for the Call for Student Work is Nov. 22, 2016. Make Sure You Get Your Paper, Artwork, Film, or Maker Design In Soon!


I can't believe it's almost November 22nd already. Submissions for student work need to be turned in by next Tuesday, Nov. 22nd, and that's true for all mediums: papers, artwork, film, or Maker designs. To access the submission page for any of the above categories, please go here and complete the form as it applies to the category of work the student wishes to submit.

LINKS for Sources Related to Submissions:

The Call for Papers can be found here.

The Call for Art & Film can be found here.

The Call for MakerSpace Designs can be found here.

The submission form for all student work can be found here.

Once submissions are in, a committee of evaluators and readers from several participating schools will examine the pool of submissions to decide who to invite to present their work at the colloquium, which takes place Monday, January 30, 2017 at The Oakridge School. We want all interested students and faculty to attend (whether a work was accepted or not) and paticipate in the day's conversations no matter what. There will be so many fun, enriching activities for all attendees!

ATTENTION: Discussants Needed:

In addition to presenters we will need students from various schools to volunteer to serve as discussants for other students who present papers at the colloquium. A discussant is a student who receives a paper ahead of time, reads it, and prepares 2 or 3 good questions to generate conversation after the presentation. Please let me know if there are students at your school who would like to serve as a potential discussant, and here is the sign up form for students who do want to get involved in that capacity.

ATTENTION: Registration form needs to be completed by each participating school:

Dr. Anne Frey, TCU
For January 30th, 2017, registration check-in will begin around 8am, and the festivities will get started around 8:30am with a celebratory commencement. Students will present in workshops all morning with scheduled breaks for refreshments and coffee. Presentations will wrap up around 12:30 for a keynote which will be given by Dr. Anne Frey of Texas Christian University. We will serve a late lunch around 1pm compliments of The Oakridge School, and the day will end thereafter. I need a faculty or administrative representative from each attending school to please fill out the registration form as soon as is convenient, and please keep in mind that all students and faculty are welcome to attend regardless of who's work is accepted for presentation. The registration form can be found here, but if there are any questions please reach out to Jared Colley at

ATTENTION: Readers & Evaluators needed for student submissions:

We still would love to recruit more faculty readers and evaluators to help us sort through all the submissions we receive after November 22, 2016. If you are a faculty member or administrator, please consider helping us in this effort. You can contact Jared Colley at

An Opportunity to Collaborate in an Acting Workshop with Oakridge Theatre:

The Oakridge School's Theatre Department has been working on a scene from Nick Dear's stage adaptation of Mary Shelley's Frankenstein. If there are students or faculty who are interested in participating in the workshop they should contact Brad Deborde at or Jared Colley at

Acting Workshop at the 2014 Richard III Colloquium
We are so excited that the 2017 Frankenstein Colloquium is approaching. We can't wait to welcome everyone face to face to the Oakridge campus in January. We'll see you soon!