Thursday, September 1, 2016

More on Planning a Collaborative Acting Workshop for the 2017 Frankenstein Colloquium

An adjustment to last week's call for theatre collaborators:

Last week, we published a blog post asking if there's any interest collaborating in a theatre workshop using one of the many stage adaptations of Frankenstein. After speaking this morning with our Theatre Director, Brad Deborde, we've decided to narrow the focus to a single scene from Nick Dear's stage adaptation of the novel. We're planning to host a special session on January 30, 2017 for students who want to prepare a performance of Scene Twenty-Four from Dear's work. The scene can be found here for those who might be interested. The idea is that students from various schools could prepare performances of the scene to be acted out in front of an audience of observers followed by discussion and reflection among participants in the workshop. Oakridge students will be planning to participate, and we'd love to have other contributors from other campuses.

Why Scene Twenty-Four?

Scene Twenty-Four really stuck out for us at Oakridge because it's the moment when the creator and creature finally meet face to face. It's a dramatic scene, for sure, and it could be played in many ways, making it rich material for different performances followed by discussion among participants. Take a look at the link and please spread the word by making this opportunity known to the relevant students and faculty members on your campus.

You can contact me or Brad Deborde if students from your school want to be a part of this special workshop in January!

Jared Colley

Brad Deborde

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